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Oct 12, 2011 at 06:55 PM



We have a scenario where plant A and B produces a product 123 and the manufacturing costs are different at these plants, so the standard price for product 123 at plant A and B is different.

Now we have a plant C which procures the product from Plant A and Plant B. So i am trying to see how we can get the accurate price at Plant C.

I had thought of using split valuation, but once the product is at plant C, you will still need to identify the product origin (procured from plant A or Plant B) while performing any goods issue, we do not want that.

I have also thought of using moving average price at plant C, but SAP strongly recommends not to use the moving average price for finished goods.

I was trying to see if anyone out there had encountered this scenario and has any ideas on how to deal with this