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Oct 12, 2011 at 05:23 PM

Punchout Catalog return cart going to adminstration console transaction



We are using SRM 7.01, I have setup a punchout catalog and am able to go into the catalog and create a cart, when I try to submit back to SRM, instead of creating a cart within SRM it brings me to the administration console (T-code SMOEAC) gui screen within the portal. We are using the Portal independent navigation frame. I believe all the OCI parameters for return URL, hook URL and return target are setup properly.

I did an HTTP trace and this is what is returning:

https://XXXXXXXXXXX/sap/sapsrm/inbound_hdlr?TARGET_URL=https://XXXXXXXXX/srmebpint/?sap-nwbc-has_post_params=X&sap-client=210&sap-language=EN&sap-nwbc-node=app_window_body&sap-nwbc-action_url=%2fsap%2fbc%2fwebdynpro%2fsapsrm%2fwda_l_fpm_oif%3bsap-ext-sid%3d051MXG3B7k2zdHlWaseOnm 051MXG3B7k2zdHlWaseunm %3fsap-ep-tstamp%3d20111012114308%26sap-wd-tstamp%3d20111012114308%26sap-ep-version%3d7&NavigationTarget=portal_content/nwbc_back&NavMode=3&UsePost=True&SAPSRM_RESUME_ID=SAPSRM_OCI

I replaced the sensitive system information with "X". If you are able to see anything within this URL that tells why the return punchout catalog is going to the administration console screen please let me know.

Thanks in advance.