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Oct 12, 2011 at 03:11 PM

Picked Quantity to be made equal to Delivery Quantity in VL02n


Hello Experts,

Have a requirement, where upon when entering in VL02n with a delivery no, the Picked Quantity field (LIPSD-PIKMG) should be equal to Delivery Quantity (LIPS-LFIMG).

Only the exit USER_EXIT_READ_DOCUMENT of include MV50AFZ1 is being called when entering VL02n and in that i tried changing the value of LIPSD structure and even tried changing XVBFA-RFMNG field value, but it is not working.

I understand that LIPSD is structure and noticed that picked quantity is getting stored in VBFA-RFMNG field...

Please let me know if any one have come across the same requirement and resolved it technically, rather than functional approach of EK00 condition type or making the item category as non relevant for picking, we tried these options and it is not working for the business. I got to see many previous threads on this topic, but there was no conclusion or technical solution provided.

So looking for TECHNICAL solution based on your experience and whether it is resolved. Its kind of urgent and would appreciate the help of experts who have resolved it earlier. thanks