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Oct 12, 2011 at 01:18 PM

3 important questions about SAP HANA


Hello Community!

I have got 3 important questions about SAP HANA.


- Our Company has all up about 150 SAP - Systems.

- 12 Systems are ERP-Systems.

=> We consider about SAP HANA at the moment.

=> Is it possible to put all the 12 ERP-Systems in ONE SAP HANA or do I need one seperate HANA for each ERP-System?

=> If it is possible, can you tell me the disadvantages when I use 1 HANA for the 12 ERP-Systems.

=> Is there a Storage-Limit in the HANA (I think no, because of 64 bit).

=> Can I still make realtime-analytics with 1 HANA for 12 SAP Systems?


=> Can I run ONE HANA with different non-SAP-Systems?


=> Is there a Demo-Center from SAP or IBM, where I can test and see the HANA before I buy it?

(I do not mean the Fujitsu TDS Demo Center)

It would be nice, when you would answer all my questions.

Thank you.