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Oct 12, 2011 at 08:51 AM

admission code


Hi gurus,

In student file >admission tab >create admission application, there is a field as "admission code".

In F4 definiton help SAP says;

"Admission Code

A n alphanumeric key up to twelve characters long identifies the student's admission.


The values of the admission code are based on GPA, EQ, age and test scores. You have to set the admission codes for students manually because of the complexity of the rules. According to a students GPA and test scores, academic conditions can be tied to a student's admission."

But I could'nt imagine, figure out how I can use this.

Can anybody give me some explanation, sample for where to use?

If a make student to take an exam, and If I decide that which student can be enroll to a program according to result of this exam, can admission code help me executing this scenario? and how?