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Oct 12, 2011 at 08:47 AM

FSCM via WS-RM (without PI) HTTP message errors



( I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for his question so moderators let me know if not)

I am using ECC 6 ehp 5 which enables you to implement FSCM services via WS-RM (Web Service Reliable Messaging) instead of previously having to use PI. I have gone through SOAMANAGER and created the both the service and consumer proxy as per the SAP guide u2018SAP Financial Supply Chain Management Delta Information SAP Credit Management Enhancement Package 5 for ERP 6.0u2019 but when they get triggered I get firstly status scheduled then when I try and release them from the queue they go into error with the message u2018HTTP response contains status code 401 with the description Unauthorizedu2019

When I look at the long text (in German) in the SOAP message via SXMB_MONI a translation of the error to English is

u201CLogin failed

What has happened?

Calling the URL http://<our PI instance>:8000/sap/xi/engine was canceled due to bad credentials. u201C

Can anyone help as it seem strange that it should be trying to call PI when specifically the guide I followed is all about making use of EHP5 functionality to not need PI because both the provider and the consumer are on the same box, ECC.

Additonal Infomation:

The service was set up for CreditCommitmentNotification_In . The endpoint was created without communication security and Transport channel Authentication was set as UserID/Passowrd

The consumer proxy was for CreditCommitmentNotification_Out. And the logical port with reference tot he WSDL for the service was created.

Thanks in advance.