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Oct 12, 2011 at 01:56 AM

PTARQ: display field for next agent issue


Hi experts,

please help me understand and resolve this.

Scenario: For two level leave approvals, we dont want to display the approver field in ESS.

Solution applied: In PTARQ, I have unchecked the box for 'Display Field for Next Agent' under User Interface Elements. And it works fine when a leave request is created.

Issue: when we try to edit the already submitted or rejected leave request, its throwing:

error: Use the input help to select an approver

For now, I have checked the 'Display Field for Next Agent' box and its working fine but as i mentioned earlier, the requirement is that the next agent field should not be displayed for two level approvals.

I thought that the next agent is determined anyhow, when you are checking the box 'Requests have to be approved' and also when you have selected 'Next Agent: Line Manager'.

Please give your input on this. Much appreciated.