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Oct 11, 2011 at 06:01 PM

No active process levels found


Hi all.,

I have just started configuring the n step header level approval workflow for shopping cart.I have to trigger the approval of cart based on te product catgeory in the shopping cart item.If the product catgeory is on eof the entries maintained in custom table,then process level is true.

This is what i have done so far:

1. Created a custom schema "Z_SC_SCHEMA" with evaluation ID ZEV_SC_EVENT.

For this process schema,I have created one process level as follows:

Sequence Number-->100

Level Type-->Approval with completion


Resp. Resolver Name-->Implementgation of BADI /SAPSRM/BD_WF_RESP_RESOLVER

Task ID-->40007953

Decision Type-->Descision for entire document

2.For the evaluation ID assigned to above process level,I have assigned a custom expression ZEX_SC_CATEGORY of type 0FB001.Result type is BOOLEAN

3.I have created another custom expression ZEX_SC_CASE_CATEGORY of type 0CF001 with result type C.I have copid the std FM "/SAPSRM_WF_BRF_0EXP000" and created a copy "ZSAPSRM_WF_BRF_0EXP000" and assigned that to this expression.In FM ZSAPSRM_WF_BRF_0EXP000,based on DOCUMENT_GUID,i'm setting the flag ev_value = 'X'.

4.The expresion created in step 3 has been used in expression ZEX_SC_CATEGORY which is assigend to evaluation ID of the process level.In ZEX_SC_CATEGORY ,in the formula editor,I have written :


Now when I click on the approval preview in the shopping cart,I get the error :NO ACTIVE PROCESS LEVELS FOUND.

I think the prcoess level evaluation is not coming out to be true hence the error.

NOTE:There is only 1 schema defined for shopping cart.

Can someone point me what I'm doing wrong?