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@ prompt error

Hello All,

I have an @prompt function for which i wanted to give the order of the prompt..i have given the below last parameter as user:1

product.time_date = @Prompt('Enter StartDate (MM/DD/YYYY):', 'C', ' Other\ Start Date', Multi, free,,,user:1)

for this i get an error" parse failed: Invalid definition(UNV0023).Error parsing default value parameter(7th parameter)

any inputs on why it doesn't not parse.

Help appreciated.


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PALI K Oct 11, 2011 at 05:46 PM




1 Answer

AMIT KUMAR Oct 12, 2011 at 01:13 AM


First export the universe with condition and test in the webi should work without parsing.This error coming in the parsing due to the extended syntax.

one thing you are creating date prompt and you are selecting second type C.may be you will try with D.

I have created one condition and same error i am getting.but this is working in the webi.

"/CIR"."targetSchema"."CIRBIW.CIR_SYSTEM_DATE_PARAMETERS"."TODAY_START_DATE" = @Prompt('Enter Today Start Date:','D','Calendar\Today Start Date',Mono,Free,Persistent,,User:0)



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  • Former Member


    If your object is of type Character then you cna use 'C' in the @prompt

    but if it is of date type data type then you have use 'D' in place of 'C'

    another thing BO officially not documented about the 7th parameter i.e. User:0

    This throws error while parsing but still works in the universe level. this syntax is supported at webi report level.

    you can check this by creating a report level prompt, there if you see the sql then it will include User:0 syntax.

    i.e. nothing but the order of the prompt which you will see in the report.

    0 means 1st and 1 means 2nd so on.

    Another thing you need to keep in mind is if you use User:0 then that prompt text will not be supported by translation manager. i.e. it wont get translated by translation manager.