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Oct 11, 2011 at 04:43 PM

Product development


Hello, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to write an article for the Mentors Quarterly (hope I will gather enough for an article) and would like to know your opinions and experience. The topic for today is "Product development".

For those who don`t know what the wuarterly is, check here:

My thinking is mostly from the development perspective (i am a developer myself), but if you have something to share and it is not about writing ABAP or Java, but is still a "product", pelase share it.

If you`re a SAP partner/ integrator employee, I would be interested in:

  • do you offer products?

  • how do you define products? Does that mean the same as "solution" or "package"?

  • how do you get ideas about them? Do you build something first and then look for customers? Or you take something you built for a customer and improve it so it is usable for others? (can be seen often)

  • do you have dedicated teams for products? Or do you build products as hobbies? (dayjob: consultant, night-shift: product development...)

  • do you use products you build?

  • do you protect your products? your codes? your intellectual property somehow?

If you`re a customer, I would like to know about:

  • do you buy "products"? why yes or not...?

  • do you find "products" any better than average "Z-code"?

  • is there anything you often miss about the "products" that you`re offered?

  • how do you like the support? do you get any support as a part of the delivery?

I welcome any inputs, either fitting into my outline or anything I missed. I don`t ask about your business secrets, special procedures, nothing like that. I am interested in general things, about things you do, like, you can recommend...

If that turns into a fruitful discussion for everyone, I would be glad.

Outputs can one read in the next Quarterly, if it makes an article. Would be cool if I could use names to thank you for the contribution in the article, would you mind that?

Cheers Otto