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Oct 11, 2011 at 02:19 PM

ChooseFromList on the same UDO of the form


Hi Experts,

A strange issue occours when I try to use a ChooseFromList. It´s not simple to explain, so I'll give an example.

Imagine you have an UDO called UDO01 and on of those fields is a link to another line of the same UDO01.

So, it´s necessary to create a field and put a ChooseFromList to the object UDO01 on it.

When you try to use it, you will face the problem! After selecting the value of the choosefromlist, that should return the value to the field trough SDK, the form is totaly reloaded according to line you selected.

I think the problem occours because the DataSource returned by the ChooseFromList is also an 'UDO01' and the form just override the used by the binded data, or somethink like that. A strange thing is that the DataSource base to the form is a DBDataSource and the returned by the ChooseFromList is a DataTable one.

Did anybody face this issue before? Anyone knows how to workaround? I´m trying to avoid formatted Searches one the project.

Best Regards,

André Gustavo