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Oct 11, 2011 at 12:33 PM

Task Outcome decison step



I have a task in my workflow called 'view invoice' where the user can double-click on it in their inbox and it brings them to the Invoice by calling transaction 'MIR4'. The requirement is that they can then either A) Approve B) Reject or C) Cancel the item. Approve sends a workflow e-mail, reject does something else and Cancel should be the same as normal end-of file processing (i.e it stays in your inbox and you can go back in later).

To achieve this I added a User Decision after they click back in MIR4 (i.e. AFTER view invoice task is complete). The user decision gives them option A and B and by standard it also gives them option C above. The problem is when they choose option C, it's the User Decision that stays in their inbox, not the 'view invoice' task. This makes sense but from the users perspective they need to be able to go back in and see the invoice again when they decide to go back in.

My question, in a round about way, is can I give the user options A, B and C, within the TASK 'view invoice'. Ticking 'confirm end of file processing' simply gives them 2 options, 'Complete' and 'Cancel'. I need 3 options! Should I copy the standard user-decision code and past it into my 'view invoice' task AFTER the call transaction to MIR 4?

Thanks alot, any ideas would be great.