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Oct 11, 2011 at 10:53 AM

How can I prevent PGI without Shipment in Delivery.


Hi Everybody,

I have business Process where Fright Charges paying either Customer or Company. Which is I have maintaining this Field in Additional Data A tab (Header Level) in While creating Sales Order. After that Business Process is Delivery(VL01N)- Shipping (VTO1N)- Shipment Cost (VI01) Then VL02N- Picking and PGI. In the case of Customer is paying Fright Charges which is maintained in Sales Order in Additional Data A @ Header Level. But some time in this case user has doing PGI without performing Shipment (VT01N) and Shipment Cost (VI01).

In the above situation I want to prevent PGI without performing performing Shipment (VT01N) and Shipment Cost (VI01). If user

do this system should give the Error Massage PGI is not possible due to Shipment and shipment cost is Missing. How can this possible? What are the configuration is required? Kindly give me your valuable suggestions. Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advence.


Manzoor Ahmad