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Additional 40 samples should be generate when fails…results

Hi Guru,

We have a requirement when results failed for 20 samples {if one (or) more than one of 20 samples is (or) are failed} additional 40 columns should generate and calculate total 60 samples.

Here we maintain 20 samples in sampling procedure and it allows only 20 entries at Char 0010.

And we maintained formula at Char 0020.

Char ID Short text Sampling procedure 0010 Weight of sample SAMPLE20 0020 Uniformity of weight SAMPLE20

Here Char 0020 having formula and limit, if 0020 char is failed then 0010 char should generate 40 samples and then calculate char 0020 of total 60 samples.

Is it possible????

Please guide me.


Imran sharief shaik.

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  • Hi Craig,

    I am not researched sampling scheme.

    Is it possible for sampling scheme????

    Because i required additional samples in result recording screen!

    If Char 0010 is single result of 20 samples and

    Char 0020 is single result of 20 samples with formula and limit, then one or more than one results is/are failed then Char 0010 should generate additional 40 samples and calculate total 60 samples of char 0020.

    This generation of sample shall be take place during result recording.

    Is it possible????


    Imran sharief shaik.

  • I think this was a quite polite hint of Craig: take a look a sampling schemes (yes, there is information available on SAP help and via Google...).

    Then come back with concrete questions.



  • Craig S Imran Sharief Shaik

    Yes.. I would not have suggested you research them if I didn't think that possibility existed.

    Thank you Martin. :-)


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