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Oct 10, 2011 at 11:02 AM

Problem In Subcontract Reconillation / challan Closing



I am facing problem in subcontract challna reconcillation with J1IFQ

Subcontract PO created for Finish material 'XYZ' qty 250 Nos one raw material 'ABC' one qty required for each finish good but in PO user have added 450 quanity of raw material now for Finish product for quanity 250 three Grs made

1 : 126

2: 61

3: 63

but the consumption of Raw material in GR is showing as 227,110,114 this becomes 451 now the reconcillation is done for first two GR aganist which the raw material assign is 227 + 110 = 337 now as only 113 qty of rm balance now we are doing reconillation for third GR system is giving error mesage 8I574

Material 1363 is not assigned fully, short by 1.000 NO, and it is not allowin gfor reconcillation also as the uinvocie verification is already done for the GR so insted of reversing all how to close the challan.