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Former Member
Oct 10, 2011 at 10:25 AM

error while restoring oracle database by using brrestore command


Dear Experts ,

please check and give me your suggesitions on my issue

now we are trying to restore my oracle database from prd to quality

by using brrestore command

and it is terminated with an error at persent 30 %

error log

BR0278E command output of 'LANG=C dd ibs=64k if=/dev/rmt/ocbn of=/oracle/QAS/sapdata1/sr1_11/sr1.data11';

BR0359E Restore of /oracle/QAS/sapdata1/sr1_11/sr1.data11 from /dev/rmt/ocbn failed due to previous errors

BR0406I End of file restore

BR0404I brrestore terminated with errors