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Oct 09, 2011 at 08:19 AM

BAPI_PO_CHANGE Not updating Database



Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I have searched for the solution before posting but could not find onc and had to post this thread.

I am using BAPI BAPI_PO_RELEASE to release a PO. The BAPI does not return anything in the return table, the subrc is 0 and also it returns the new release status. But the PO does not actually gets released.

I have tried using the BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT, tough it is not required.

Also I get a message that the release strategy is liable to reset popup when I execute the BAPI, which is of type W.

I tried to testing the same BAPI on some other server(with relevant parameters) and works perfectly alright there. What could be the reason for the PO not getting released?