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Oct 09, 2011 at 04:44 AM

CO11N operation wise confirmation inconsistency


Hi all,

I have a scenario like, 8 operations with last operation milestone confirmation in a production order. Letz say we have 500 as total target quantity and in operation 0010 they confirmed all 500 and from operation 0020 onwards they do partial confirmation say 20, 20, etc. At operation 0040 if they have yield of 19, they enter remaining 1 as quality notification (unplanned scrap)and continue to confirm next operation. In operation 0050 they have to enter yield as 19 only even though yield as 20 'coz they have opn adherence check (OPK4) active. As expected SAP thrown an error 'Up to yield 19, opn/0040 predecessor confirmed'. They just want to have a warning and continue enter 20 at opn 0040 and next successive opns. But I am afraid they can enter anything if they if we simply check that in OPK4 as warning message issued. Do we have any other solution other than changing in OPK4?

Another thing is how can they confirm 20 in operation 0030 and 40 in opn 0040, and some other number in opn 0050 though the target quantity is 500 which is being confirmed at the last operation?

I appreciate 4 your valuable suggestions ..