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Oct 09, 2011 at 05:25 AM

server in sap management cosnole does not turn into green


I installed this trial version from with the download, there is a tutorial explaining all steps for installation. In SAP Management Console when I click on NSP "Start" it should change to green but in my case it stays yellow.

I do not have an access key to the server. When I try to log on to this server it asks me for user and a password so I tried to use nspadm with it's password but it did not accept.

as far as i know that in order to let the server turns to green all I need to do is to right click on it and choose starts but even after doing this it does not turns into green.

I want to create another user in order to user it instead of SAP*

The role that I am giving to this user is u201Csystem administratoru201D but after I save it I get this message on screen: u201CNo update server found for Eu201D

despite of this previous message it creates it. I get this if I create a new user with the previous name I wanted to create previously.

In general I need a way to let me create my own users so I can start developing in ABAP.

I can access every thing in this workbench but if I want to do some changes on classes and packages I create it tells me that I can not using SAP* and if I want to create other users sing SU01 and then logon again using using these new users I get a problem in accessing the system using them.

I need to know what is reason for not turning the server in sap management console into green and i why i can not create users.