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Oct 07, 2011 at 01:46 PM

Combining queries in a BEx Workbbook



I have a requirment to combine data from 2 queries in a workbook (since for several reasons I could not combine the 2 source cubes in a multiprovider). What options are there in BEx to do that?

Infoobject 0material is in both and is the most granular level in both queries. I was thinking of the following:

display query A (costs per material) in a worksheet. Display query B (eg last PO date for a material) in a worksheet that will be hidden for the user. Then use standard lookup Excel functionality on 0material to place the PO date at the end of the rows on the worksheet of query A.

Would this work? Is this the best practice of joining data from 2 queries in BEx?

Please advice. Thanks!