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bookmark in sap design studio


I'm learning use bookmark recently,but I have some problem now.

First,I found Bookmark.getAllBookmarks() just can get current version value,and everytime I change the application,I will miss all bookmark that I saved before;

Second,I use follow code to save bookmark in a folder,and everytime I enter the application,I will see the bookmark I saved lasttime,and if I changed the bookmark,it will save the last time version,and delete before version.So, it will just one bookmark in service.

//save bookmark
var text=INPUTFIELD_1.getValue();
Bookmark.assignToFolder("FuzLV1jXrAUAkW4AAAA3OO8AAFBWi0ru", bookid);
//get bookmark,and display it
var con=Bookmark.getAllBookmarksByFolder("FuzLV1jXrAUAkW4AAAA3OO8AAFBWi0ru");
con.forEach(function(element, index) {
  bookid =;

Everything work fine,but when I enter the CMC to see the bookmark,I found it don't remove to the folder I want.And if I remove the bookmark into the folder in CMC as picture one,it return error as picture two.

anyone can tell me why?

And how can I resolve above two problem?



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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Dec 21, 2016 at 08:10 AM

    Hi Jing,

    Some tips from my side!

    1) When you change a dashboard, this will invalidate the bookmarks currently created. This is currently the design of the Standard bookmark functionality. Through customer feedback, we enhanced bookmarking to include Fragment Bookmarks which cannot become obsolete. You can change your dashboard for example logos, text, even layout, and still load Fragment Bookmarks. The API methods follow Bookmark.FragmentBookmark.<Methods>

    2) The unique identifier for standard bookmarks is the TEXT or name of the bookmark. If you save a standard bookmark with the same text, it will overwrite the current standard bookmark with the same name. This is by design for standard bookmarks. For fragment bookmarks as mentioned in 1) the ID is a GUID generated, so this is the unique element and you can use this for if you want to overwrite a bookmark or simply create more.

    3) The exception message in the CMC bookmark administration window should not occur no matter what action is performed here, looks to be a bug that should be raised with support.

    Could you clarify with what your issue is with the deletion of folders/bookmarks from the CMC? When you delete a bookmark it doesnt remove it from the folder that it is in? Or what you delete a folder it deletes the wrong one?



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    • Hi Conor.

      Thank you for replaying me in your vacation time.

      Yes,I'm trying to overwrite a bookmark,and as above code I realize it,but my problem is that I haven't remove it to the folder that I want,and if I remove it in CMC ,it still false,and the page will show above picture error.