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Create Surveys in SAP C4C

Dec 20, 2016 at 03:54 AM


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I have a requirement to develop a program in SAP ECC that can create Surveys in SAP C4C by making use of the OData services offered by SAP C4C. Has anyone come across a similar requirements? First thing i want to find out is whether I can use the ODATA Service provided by SAP C4C to create a new Survey via the ODATA Console but no success.

Can someone guide me on how to use OData console to create a new Survey.??

Thanks in advance.

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I have a similar requirement...Have you found a solution for this?

Former Member

Hi Bradley,

Unfortunately no.

I learnt from SAP that the OData services for Survey still doesn't support posting data to C4C,




Hi Sriny,

Do you know if in this new release 1711 this has changed?
Moreover, can you show the JSON or XML of the POST you have tried using OData?
I am trying to understand the synchronous web service ManageQuestionnaireValuationCollectionIn, that according with the documentation it can fill the Questionnaire BO if an XML is sent through the tag XMLRepresentationBinaryObject.

However, I have no idea how this XML should be. The documentation isn't great and does not provide any details.

Only this: To update one or more questionnaire valuations using imported XML (encoded in BASE64).

Best regards,

Marlos Damasceno


Does someone may know this information?

Horst Schaude, sorry to bother, but do you might know someone that can complete the documentation? In order to fill the gap of what xml should be sent to C4C.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Marlos Damasceno

Marlos Augustus Maciel Damasceno

Hello Marlos,

As far as I know ODATA can currently only be used to retrieve data; the POST option is not supported up to now.

Do you have access to the SDK? In that case you derive the XML there.

. Horst


Hi Horst,

Thank you very much!

Yes, I do have access to the SDK, however this XML is a tag inside the request.
This is the request:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:glob="">
            <ID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="?">?</ID>
            <UUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</UUID>
            <ReferenceID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="?">?</ReferenceID>
            <ReferenceUUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</ReferenceUUID>
         <FoundationQuestionnaire actionCode="?">
            <ValuationCollection actionCode="?">
               <XMLRepresentationBinaryObject mimeCode="?" characterSetCode="?" format="?" fileName="?" uri="?">cid:529664063156</XMLRepresentationBinaryObject>
               <BusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode listID="?" listVersionID="?" listAgencyID="?">?</BusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode>

I would like to fill the tag XMLRepresentationBinaryObject, how can I achieve that? Any suggetions?

Best regards

Marlos Damasceno

Marlos Augustus Maciel Damasceno

Hello Marlos,

I forwarded your question to the resp. colleague.

Stay tuned,
. Horst

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1 Answer

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Ashwini Kumar Dalai
Feb 14 at 06:09 AM


Currently we don’t support post calls in OData. Instead you can use either our A2A service Manage_Survey_Response_ln or our A2X service to capture responses.

A2A service is an asynchronous call and it is currently enabled only checklist type of surveys. Please see( for reference.

For synchronous update, please use the A2X service



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