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Oct 06, 2011 at 08:36 PM

redetermination of freight for specific condition types


Hi folks

I have a freight solution which has multiple condition types. Some are gross weight based and some are fixed rate. All are condition category F (freight). On the fixed rate conditions we want to stop standard SAP functionality from adjusting the fixed rate if the delivery is short shipped.

For example at sales header level, fixed freight is 3000 USD to ship 1500 units. We ship 1450 units, we want freight to be 3000USD. Standard SAP will adjust the 3000 by comparing the old value in sales order to new quantity in delivery . We don't want this. Requirement is to redetermine the freight at time of billing and respread to the lines.

I don't want to redetermine freight however on the gross weight condition types which are also FREIGHT category.

We've been looking at program RV61AFZA USEREXIT_PRICING_RULE but i am not seeing if i can accomplish this requirement to redetermine some of the freight conditions but not all