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Mar 09, 2005 at 06:47 PM

Migration. Just some comments.


Ok, this is a dupe post. Admins, if you want to pull this go ahead. But, some things have to be out in the open before someone thinks this is the mother of all short cuts to EP6 SP9.

I ranted:



Everyone read the docs on this? Hold on, it's going to hurt.

Make sure that your clients or bosses understand that there is a difference between migrating and upgrading.

If your company wants to have your SP2 Portal be converted to SP9 and still be on the same box, this tool is not for you.

Why? Here's a quote:

  • Switch of DB (EP5.0/EP6.0) or OS (EP6.0 only) is not possible during migration when using the migration tools! Switching of DB or OS is made possible using SAP tool Java System Copy.

Usage of Java System Copy has to be registered at SAP!

Further reading states:

Migration requires setting up of a new EP 6.0 on Web AS 6.40 system. After migration, the source server can be shut down.

Not only that, your portal AND KM must be at SP2 PATCH 5.

What does this all mean? There is still no upgrade tool. Your Portal is being migrated to another server. OK, let's just say that you wanted to upgrade your hardware anyway. Your EP6 SP2 Portal needs to get beefed for future growth so lets go with Windows 2003 Enterprise so you can use more than 4 gig of RAM. Well, we can't do that either. With the migration tool you can only go from OS to OS. If you are at Windows 2000, you stay at Windows 2000. Only after migration you upgrade your OS and pray the Portal makes it.

Am I bitter? No, I just want fellow IT grunts like myself get a heads up on this. If you are not running NW04 on your production box, someone is going to ask you about the migration tool. Be informed. Don't back yourself into a corner and let clients or bosses think that this is the easy path to get to EP6 SP9. This is not a one size fits all solution. As soon as they are educated to what the migration tool does and does not do, you maybe surprised on what they end up wanting.

What are we doing? Rapid Installer 2.0

Yes, I may be re doing all of my systems again, but I am only loading my OS once. Dev Portal is first. Once done we switch LDAP pointers to our real users (ADS is a wonderful thing) and redirect calls from Production to the Dev Portal. End users see no changes to the portal. The only difference is the SSL alert that we are using an internal CA. Production is next. Once done everything is switched back. End users see no changes, but now the SSL alert is gone because we are now using an external CA again.

Oh yeah, were you thinking of migrating your SSL certs? Think again.........

I think I might start to blog some of this stuff. I think I have come across the majority of the errors in Portals at one time or another. My many mistakes just might make life easier for some poor soul on the other side of the planet. Call it a Karma recharge. God knows I have lost my Religion more than once on Portals.