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Oct 06, 2011 at 04:25 AM

Transportation Planning Auto Leg Execution


G'day all

When re-planning a Shipment by clicking on the "Planning" status in the deadline tab, a pop-up window to propose the action "Execute leg determination again?" with an empty check box appears.

How can I force the check box to be ticked by default? This causes problems when the user rearranges the itinerary of deliveries and then forgets to tick the Execute leg determination again check box. Which causes our SHIPMENT05 idoc to transmit with the incorrect itinerary.

Either that or get rid of the pop-up box and when the Plannng status is ticked the system will automatically execute leg determination.

For shipment type we are using:

3. Collective shipment using one mode of transport

4. Direct Leg

Adopt all stages

1. Legs determined according to departure point & itinerary

Please advise.

Thanks and regards