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Oct 06, 2011 at 03:41 AM

"Start Deletion of Data in Receiver System" does not start


I faced the problem tha data deletion in Receiver system is not started in TDTIM synario.

I started the activity "Start Deletion of Data in Receiver System" , the job "CNV_TDMS_09_RESTART_JOBS" is aborted till the job "CNV_MBT_CNV_TDMS_09_START_JOBS" is over in Receiver System.

The error message is "No log was created for object CAGTFBS and sub-objekt SLOMBT".

After The job "CNV_MBT_CNV_TDMS_09_START_JOBS" is over, the job "CNV_TDMS_09_RESTART_JOBS" is finished normaly but the no deletion job is released.

I carried out some deletion job by manual operation but other deletion job is not released.

Does Anyone knows the solution of this problem ?

Version:TDMS3.0 SP17

Basis: 700