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Oct 05, 2011 at 07:04 PM

CRM-HR Integration - BP employee not created


Dear All,

We are using HR integration between ECC and CRM but we are having a problem with BP employees not being created.

We have created and distributed the distribution model in transaction BD64 and activated the necessary switch in table T77S0 as suggested by Best Practices documents and note 934372.

When we run transaction PFAL, the iDocs are generated IN ECC, transfered to CRM and processed without errors.

BP for Org. units are created correctly in role BUP004 but no BP are created in role BUP003 for employees when we

run report HRALXSYNCH.

We activated the switch to activate logging (suggested in forum post [HR-CRM integration - Help required;). Transaction SLG1 now informs us that we have a Marital status conversion problem:

Green - Start of integration for employee (IDoc 0000000000003018)

Green - Filtering data for employee(s)

Green - Read assignment of employee to person

Green - Transfer employee data to person

Green - Data for employee 00000012 transferred to person 00000012

Green - Data for employee 00000013 transferred to person 00000013

Green - Converting business partners from personnel numbers

Red - Marital status could not be converted <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Red - Marital status could not be converted <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Green - Filter out persons with incorrect business partners

Green - Synchronizing BP-BP relationships

Green - End of integration for employee (IDoc )

We have made sure that tables V_TSAD3HR and V_TB027HR in CRM are properly aligned with their ECC equivalent.

The Marital status is not maintained by HR (nor maintainable as the field is not available in PA30 in ECC-HR). Is marital status a mandatory field for HR Integration ? Can we create employees without marital status ?

Kindly help me to resolve this issue

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated

Best regards

- Eric Chabot