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Dec 20, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Screen Personas 3.0 SP04 Image (Resource) upload error


Hi folks, Wondering if anyone has run into this issue : We've just upgraded to Personas 3.0 SP04. I tried to Upload a .png image via the Resource "Create via Upload" button in the Admin screen. The upload fails with an error in the message bar -- "Communication failure by converting image" (Message No. /PERSONAS/MESSAGES 482). This is on Personas 3.0 SP04, NW 740 SP12, Kernel 742 PL401. I have also observed the same error on another system with a higher Kernel patch level -- Personas 3.0 SP04, NW 740 SP12, Kernel 742 PL429. I tried different .png images, but received same error.

On other systems -- (Personas 3.0 SP02, NW 740 SP12, Kernel 742 PL318) & (Personas 3.0 SP03, NW 740 SP10, Kernel 742 PL419) -- the upload works fine. Thanks for any info ! ..... Jay.