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Oct 05, 2011 at 08:37 AM

cannot assign release-authorized purchasing organization in Contract CCTR



When creating contract with type CCTR, I go to item detail in distribution, and try to input the release-authorized purchasing organization. I try to use search help, but it doesnt give me any possible entry. I try manually to input the business partner id organization unit linked to purchasing org in backend, let's say 5000010, and SAP gives error that no purchasing org 5000010 exist, I try with O 5000010 with the same result. I also try to put 1000 (the backend purchaisng org), also got the same result. Because I cannot fill up the release-authorized purchasing org, I cannot do the distribution.

Do any of you can give me an idea how can I assign the purchasing org? Note that I already have attributes CT_PROC_TY for CCTR and PCTR (the id should be able to create Central or Local Contract), and as purchaser I think the attributes is enough already as using the same Id we can create PO and Local Contract without problem.

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