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Oct 04, 2011 at 01:00 PM

alignment in layout


Hi Experts,

I have enhanced webdynpro application by adding additional field in the layout. Now the field is added under a new transparent container outside the standard fields transparent container.

The layout is matrix layout for both and the new transparent container i have added is set to MatrixHeadData under Layout Data.

Now the new elements added under the transparent container are not aligned in similar way as the standard container. Its coming as shown below, is there anyway I can change the property so that the formatting of the new elements is same as

Field A   :   __________________
Field B   :   __________________
ZFIELD LONG TEXT A : _________________

If the Z field was added under the standard transparent container then the whole alignment would have been taken based on the longest field label and output would be like

Field A            :  __________________
Field B            :  __________________
ZFIELD LONG TEXT A :  _________________

Is it possible to have output similar to this by using two transparent containers. I want to influence the arrangement of the field based on the new transparent container for the standard container also.