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Oct 04, 2011 at 12:22 PM

Why is my enhancement not called?


Hello experts.

I am the first one enhancing the webclient component in the CRM7.0 in my current project. So I just did what I've done before in other projects as below:

in bsp_wd_cmpwb, enter the component name which is BT116H_MAIL, click the button to make the field for enhancement set visible, and enter z-enhancementset, then click hte display button. Once inside the workbench, click the button "Enhance Component". then right mouse click on the view to enhance the view which is send_screen. Then redefine the method do_prepare_output.

I set external breakpoint in the redefinition of do_prepare_output (which is in the z-class) and also breakpoint in the parent's do_prepare_output, when I run the crm_ui, the execution stops at hte parent's do_prepare_output, but not in the redefinition of my z-class. Which means, it still takes SAP standard controller class, not the enhanced controller z-class.

I've verified in the SICF and see that the z-bsp application is active, I also checked the, the controller class is indeed my z-class.

So, guys, what happens here? what can cause this strange thing?

Thousands of thanks.


BTW, for the view, we're using the standard UI configuration, I don't think this can cause hte problem though.

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