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Oct 04, 2011 at 12:04 PM

How to maintain Message no in Maintenance and Service Processing


Please explain steps on how to Maintain message no in IMG Path: Plant Maintenance and Customer Service>Maintenance and Service Orders>Message Control

I am trying to add Message no: 008 under application area IM it prompts message: Choose the key from the allowed namespace

Diagnosis of message:

Choose the key from the allowed namespace

Message no. SV019


You have attempted to create an entry and have used a key which is not in your namespace.

This can cause problems in later upgrades because the entry could be overwritten by an import, or overwrite an existing entry.


Check your entry and try to enter a key value from your namespace.

You can display the namespace definition with RDDKOR54.

If you must use the key entered, document your change so that it can be repeated after an upgrade or release change if necessary. If you put the data in a change request, you can export it before an upgrade or release change, and import it again afterwards.


Murad Shaikh