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Oct 04, 2011 at 07:25 AM

Back Calculation in Pricing for Sales Order.


Hello friends,

Please help me out with this below mentioned problem in the Pricing for Sales order.

I am creating a Contract with Customer and Plant from the same Region (State), while creating the subsequent Sale order I want to use the plant of some other Region which is different from the contract. In this case the pricing will change as there will be different Taxes (%) that would be applicable for different Region.

Now the requirement is that we want to use the Final Selling price which is calculated in the contract, therefore by keeping the Selling Price Fixed we have to backtrack and calculate new pricing accordingly.

An example for the same is explained below:

When Both Customer and Plant are from same Region:

Particulars % Value

A Basic Value 100000

B ED 10.30% 10300

Sum total (A+B) 110300

C VAT 5% 5515

Sale Price (ABC) 115815

When Customer and Plant are from different Regions:

Particulars % Value

D Basic Value (A-B-C) 92105

C ED 10.30% 9487

Sumtotal (A-B) 101592

B VAT 14% 14223

A Sale Price 115815

Please reply with possible solutions.

Thanks and Regards,

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