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Oct 04, 2011 at 02:40 AM

SAP Standard Workflow for PR Release (with user exit)


Hi SAP WF Gurus,

Good day!

I just wanted to check with you if you have ever used a user exit in the activation of the standard workflow for PR (overall ( release. What we have is a two0step approval process wherein each level has a proxy/alternate approver. We used the available user exit to accommodate this customer requirement since the standard release would only allow us to define 1 approver as a prerequisite for the next level. We were able to execute this on the first level approval; however, we observed that the workflow is not anymore triggered (i.e. does not send work items to agents) for the level 2 release. My questions therefore are:

1. How to set up SWEC? I already executed SWELS and SWEL to check if the events are being created and event linkage is automatically deactivated after running into an error regarding the binding...My initial SWEC setup is for BANF BUS2105 RELEASED On Change. I am assuming that since the workflow was released from the first level, this should be the starting point

2. How to rectify the binding error? I already executed automatic binding in the WF header for the start events but still face it

Your inputs/comments are most welcome