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Oct 03, 2011 at 09:48 PM

Display byte array image or ole object in Section through dynamic code?


To Start I am a Complete Newbe to Crystal Reports. I have taken over a project originally written in VS2003 using SQL Server 2005 and older version of Crytal Reports. I have moved project to VS2010 and Cryatal Reports 10 still using SQL Server 2005. Have multiple reports (14 to be exact) that display data currently being pulled from database suing a dataset, each report has from 4 to 14 Sections. I have modified database table with two new fields. Field1 contains string data with full path to a scanned document (pdf or jpeg). Field2 holds a byte array of the actual image of the scanned document. I have tested the database and it does infact contain the byte array and can display the image via code. I can make the report display the scanned image using ole object.

Now my real question: I need to add a new Section and it should display either the byte array of the scanned image or the actual scanned image (pdf or jpeg) . How can I have it do either of these options via code dynamicly while application is running?