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Oct 03, 2011 at 07:21 AM

No WF triggered eventhough multiple WF's are linked to the same event



I am using the event STATUS_CHANGED of an object for multiple workflows. In DEV and QA, all these workflows were triggered when the status was changed. But in PRD, none of the workflows are getting triggered. When I checked the event trace, it seems that only one receiver type is green in color and there the receiver type becomes null. So, when I check the workflow log, no workflows are triggered.

When I checked the SWEL transaction, it is showing an error in the Check Function Module for the event linkage for some events. But it is the same in DEV, QA and PRD. And, in both DEV and QA, it is working fine eventhough it shows error in the Check Function module.

I checked the Event Queue as well and there is nothing in the queue. (This particular workflow was triggered a month back.) I don't get why it happens so in production. Because, in DEV and QA, this worked fine. Please help me on this.

Warm Regards,

Jubish Jacob