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Oct 03, 2011 at 06:31 AM

Understanding Query view and saving of the same


Hi All,

I am very much confused with understanding of saving of a query view. I have learnt that query view is a saving of an instance of query for a specific navigational state, which helps in faster presentation of data.

My concern is, when we save a query view, we can save it only in favorites, which is not visible to other users. We are building workbooks with query views instead of direct queries, since the former runs faster. I am not clear, when I create a workbook based on query views saved in my favorites, how will it help the end user, who refreshes the data, under his SAP logon ID. We create workbooks and share them to user over mail.

I have heard a lot about query views, but still I am not convinced with the explanation that even if query view lies in my favorites, other user (to whom I shared WB) benefits with query view.

In short, if a query view saved in a favorites of a user, can it be accessed by other users, when they refresh WB containing the concerned query view?

Could you please help me on this. Please let me know, if I am not clear or if more information is needed.

Thanks and regards,

Shashidhar Nagavelli