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Mar 07, 2005 at 11:56 PM

error on page from BW 3.5's default web template


Hi Guru's,

We have a problem in our new BWD BW 3.5 environment where we are getting the "error on page" error from SAP-generated code and we aren’t sure why.

On our old BWT BW 3.0b platform, we have been using a modified version of the 0query_template called Z_QUERY_TEMPLATE. We did a system copy of BWT to BWD, our new BW 3.5 platform. At that point in time we would see our old BW 3.5 default template for queries that we ran. We wanted to see what the new default web template looked like in BW 3.5. We found where we could remove the Z_QUERY_TEMPLATE from the Web Adhoc Analysis web template setting so we could see the new features of the BW 3.5 default BEx query designer template instead of our old BW 3.0b default template.

Now when we run a query through the BW 3.5 query designer on BWD, we are using BW3.5’s default template. The prompt web page is fine. No errors on page messages.

However, the initial presentation of the query results displays okay, but shows "error on page" in the message bar at the bottom of the displayed page. As soon as we do any navigation on those query results that error on page goes away. If we navigate back to the initial presentation, all is still okay. If we use the context menu to go back to start, we again get the error on page.

This error on page does not happen in BQ2 (our new BW 3.5 QA environment copied from our old BW 3.0b QA environment where we had not yet changed the default BEx Query Designer template to be Z_QUERY_TEMPLATE). We have tried several queries and in each case, we get errors on page in BWD, but not in BQ2. We used ultraedit to compare the view source output from the equivalent web pages from BWD and BQ2 and the only difference is the validity date of the data. There are no other differences in the javascript code generated by BW in the two platforms.

The statement that Internet Explorer is saying is the problem is the same in each of the cases we have checked and that is:


Error: Object expected

Code: 0

It’s in the set_tab() function.

<script type="text/javascript">
/* Calls the online Documentation via technical QueryName */
function callquerydoc() {
  var docustart= '/sap/bw/doc/meta/fldmeta/default?tlogo=elem&objnm=' + document.getElementById('querydoc').innerHTML;
/* Sets the displayed tab */
/* Check, which items of the Array check_items  is not hidden. 
    Change the style of the HTML tag with id Group+Area/Group+Link */
function set_tab() {
     if (!(navigator.appVersion.substring(0,1) == '4' && navigator.appName == 'Netscape')) {
       var check_items = new Array('GR1Toolbar','GR2Chart','GR3TECommon','GR4Broadcaster');
    for (i=0;i<check_items.length;i++) {
                    hidden = true;
                   prop = SAPBWGetItemProp(check_items<i>);
                   if (prop != null){
                                                  if (prop[j][0] == "HIDDEN")  hidden = (prop[j][1] == "X");
               anchor_item = document.getElementById(check_items<i>.substring(0,3)+'Area').firstChild;
                if (hidden) {
                    anchor_item.title = 'Inactive Tab Page:' + ' ' + anchor_item.title;  
                else {
                    anchor_item.title = 'Active Tab Page:' +' ' + anchor_item.title;  
          } /* if */
      }   /* for */
    /* Set the BexHeader invisible when running as IView */
        if (SAPBWGetProperty('RUNS_AS_IVIEW')) {
          anchor = window.location.hash.substring(1,50);
  }  /*function */

Because the error goes away as soon as we navigate I’m thinking some object isn’t being created or initialized, but since the view source code of these pages are identical I’m wondering if there is some code that should be executing before this page that is not happening in BWD for some reason.

Any help will be much appreciated.