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Oct 03, 2011 at 02:51 AM

Sales orders in TDMS company/time based reduction are outside the scope



I have had some issues with TDMS wheras it didn't handle company codes without plants very well. That was fixed by SAP. But I have another problem now. If I do a company code and time based reduction, It doesn't seem to affect my sales orders in VBAK/VBUK as I would have expected. I was hoping it would only copy sales orders across that have a plant which is assigned to a company code that was specified in the company code based reduction scenario. That doesn't seem to be the case.

VBAK is now about one third of the size of the original table (number of records). But I see no logic behind the reduction. I can clearly see plenty of sales documents that have a time stamp way back from what I specified in my copy procedure and I can see others that have plant entries that should have been excluded from the copy as they do belong to different company codes than the ones I specified.

I was under the impression that TDMS would sort out the correct sales orders for me but somehow that doesn't seem to be happening. I have to investigate further as to what exactly it did bring across but just by looking at what's in the target system I can see plenty of "wrong" entries in there either with a date outside the scope or with a plant outside the scope.

I can also see that at least the first 10'000 entries in VBAK in the target system have a valid from and to date of 00.00.0000 which could explain why the time based reduction didn't work?

Did you have similar experiences with your copies? Do I have to do a more detailed reduction such as specifying tables/fields and values?

Thanks for any suggestions


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