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Oct 01, 2011 at 08:04 PM

Goods Receipt and Accounting Documents



I have two doubts,

1) When we create PO with Material Without A/ C assignment, After the GR system will Generate A/C documents, G/L a/c will came from Material master's Valuation class.

2) When we create PO with Material and with a/c assignment, After the GR will generate a/c documents, G/L accounts came from Cost center.

3) When we create PO without Material (Only Text), then a/c assignment is mandatory in PO, here how system will get the G/L account at time of GR or Service Entry Sheet.

4) If Material having the valuation class, all the valuation calsses were having at least on G/L account. Say ABC, Now I want to create PO for Material , then now i want to Hit the Material value in to Different G/L account, say XYZ is this Possible.

5) When I create PO, system should automatically pick the G/L account, how to do this?

Thanks and Regards

Sapman man