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Mar 07, 2005 at 04:55 PM

XI-AF and EP-CON consolidation?



my company plans to build a JCA Adapter for XI 3.0 Adapterframework (XI AF 3.0).

I analyzed the XI AF Interfaces we'll have to implement and found that f.e. the interfaces and a designed to support EP too:

public interface NWConnectionFactory

extends javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory

NwConnectionFactory extends the CCI ConnectionFactory by adding a method to create (NetWeaver) ConnectionSpecs such as XIConnectionSpec and EPConnectionSpec

Field Summary

static java.lang.String TYPE_EP

TYPE_EP: A EP typed entity is requested.

static java.lang.String TYPE_XI

TYPE_XI: A XI typed entity is requested.

At the moment, the EP connector Framework has it's own interface model (IInteractionFactory, IInteraction) that is concurrent to the XI AF Design.

So my question is if there are plans to consolidate those two approaches in the near future or if adapter vendors planning to support connection to both netwaever components will have to implement boths APIs?

Thanks for your comments,

Ulf Helmke