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Sep 30, 2011 at 06:09 PM

Calculate Next Business Day taking US Holidays into account


I wanted to find way to calculate next business day and it should also take US Federal Holidays into account.

For Example if date is September 1st 2011 it should give me September 2nd 2011,but when we are on September 2nd it should give me next business day which is September 6th 2011,since September 5th 2011 is Labor day holiday.

I was able to do this just to calculate next day based on the day number of the week. But it is not able to take Holidays into account.

If week day is Monday through Thursday then add 1 day.

IF week day is Friday then add 3 days which would be Monday.


=If  [DayNumberOfWeek] Between(1;4) Then RelativeDate([Liquidity Risk Date];1) ElseIf [DayNumberOfWeek] =5 Then RelativeDate([Liquidity Risk Date];3) Else [Intrader Acct Mtrty Dt]

But my variable fails for holiday dates, for example July 1st 2011 is Friday and my Variable will give me July 4th 2011 -- Monday..Which is a Holiday wrong result and it should actually give me July 5th 2011 -- Tuesday which is the next business day.And similarly for September 2 th my variable will give me September 5th,but I want it to return September 6th.

Please let me know if you need any more inputs.

Thanks for looking at my post