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Sep 30, 2011 at 03:29 PM

CR 11 - multiple criteria when selecting records


Hello, I'm fairly novice with CR 11, and I would like to "program" more for some of my reports. I've been trying some things using the select expert but it doesn't always give me the results I want. Here's an example of what I'm trying to do.

Let's say the fields are all in one table: Vehicle, Year, and Cost. I want a report that will only print some vehicles, and only for certain criteria. For example, I want the Fords purchased in 2010 costing more than $20,000; all of the Dodges; and any vehicle older than 2000. In my old Basic programming, that would look something like this:

1 (Get Record)

10 If (Year<2000) Goto 50

20 If (Vehicle=Dodge) Goto 50

30 If (Vehicle=Ford) AND (Cost>20000) Goto 50

40 Goto 1

50 Print Record Info

My troubles arise when I try to "order" my selections, and when I am trying to tie two criteria together (as in line 30). I've had no formal training in CR, none is available in my area and no dollars in my budget, so I rely on Google and forums for help.

Any advice you can give me is appreciated - thank you!