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SAP Fiori - Issue with Chrome Browser

Dec 19, 2016 at 06:58 PM


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Has anyone noticed an issue with the SAP Fiori icons on Chrome browser? The issue is present in My Inbox app but can be seen in any application which has icons to be clicked. In the My Inbox app, when you click on the icons on the right on Chrome, nothing happens: the icons are sort of inactive. The icons work fine on the Internet Explorer. Notice the difference below when I clicked on the last icon: In Chrome the icon is un-clickable and the UI stays on the initial screen. In IE, the UI accurately displays the data under the last icon.



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Nabi Zamani Dec 21, 2016 at 12:12 PM

What version of SAPUI5 are you using? Do you start the app from an ABAP Fiori Launchpad? Do you have a Windows laptop with touchscreen?

This seems to be related to the to the activation of Pointer Events in Chrome 55+. UI5 has shipped fixes for this with the following versions (click on "Open Change Log" the corresponding of sap.ui.core):

There you can see the following:

  • [FIX] Device: Disables PointerEvent detection on Chrome 55+

Also see this github commit.

While this fix works just fine for standalone apps without Fiori Launchpad (i.e. compare IconTabBar in Explored app: 1.38.13 vs 1.38.15) it seems it does not work when the corresponding apps are launched from an ABAP Fiori Launchpad with let's say SAPUI5 1.38.15 (I can't offer a link for that).

Furthermore, I have found a few Notes that sound suspicious:

These Notes do not offer a "real" solution from my point of view. I guess we have to wait a little more for a "real" solution.

In the meanwhile I have found out that everything works just fine using the latest Chome 55+ on a Mac and on Windows laptops without touchscreen. If you use Chrome 55+ on a Windows laptop with a touchscreen and try to click on the tab bar icons using your mouse nothing will happen (bug!). However, on same system using the touchscreen (with your finger) works as expected.

This looks like a bug to me.


I can verify that the github "hotfix" mentioned above does not work in ABAP FLP because the loadad abap.js file does not contain a similar fix.

Check your abap.js file, same line of code as the screenshot . This evaluates to true + there is no Chrome 55+ hotfix which would change this to false! Furthermore, because sap.ui.Device is loaded after this (because it's in abap.js) the fix shipped with SAPUI5 1.38.15 never takes effect. This happens only if you use an ABAP FLP, I hope there will be a note soon to fix this! We installed the following Note on our NW ABAP to get UI5 1.38.15 (so we skipped 1.38.14), for some reason this Note does not have the fix in abap.js (usually merged from sap.ui.Device):


To fix the issue on NW ABAP install Note 2408117, which requires Note 2407386 (SAPUI5 1.38.16):

abapjs.png (67.8 kB)
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Former Member

Hi Nabi Zamani,
Greetings !!!
I want to check with you if you can suggest for this bug with SAP UI5 on HANA XSengine.
We may upgrade the UI5 library to short out the issue in gateway system but how will be we doing with XSengine, since UI5 library in XSEngine is in built and not upgradeable manually.
There are many sap.m controls stopped, If one we could think of replacing that control with other one. Currently developers are changing that in their personal laptop with some work around by disabling that in chrome, but this is not a good deal.
I will be happy if you can help me on this.

Thank You

Santosh Singh Dec 21, 2016 at 05:24 PM

Thanks Nabi! Your response was really helpful! You were correct that when I use the touchscreen, the tabs work fine but when I use the mouse, they don't.

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Good to hear! How about the other questions:

  • What version of SAPUI5 are you using?
  • Do you start the app from an ABAP Fiori Launchpad?

We are running 1.28.15. Yeah, we use the Launchpad.


Is it an ABAP launchpad or from HCP/PortalService? This is important for me to know - ABAP or not ABAP...

Would you mind trying with 1.28.42 and give us some feedback?


Yes, that's where we are heading. We initially thought about going to 1.38.15 but that needs a SAP_UI upgrade to 750 which we are not ready to do. So we will probably go to 1.28.42. I will update here on how it goes but it would take a few days.


Hi Nabi,

I wonder if you can help us. So, we upgraded to 1.28.42 and that resolved the Chrome issue as indicated above. Now, we have upgraded to SAP_UI 750 and version 1.38.16 but the issue is back. We upgraded to 1.38.17 as per the note 2419950 but the issue persists. I can confirm that the version has definitely been upgraded to 1.38.17. I did noticed that the main note 2419950 talks about implementing another note 2419945 but we are not able to implement that note. The correction attached to the note 2419945 refers to component UI_700 and we don't even have that component on the Gateway box.


As mentioned above you have to install the latest Note for "UI2 & USHELL". For us it was this one here (really important!!):

After this you can upgrade your UI5 o 1.38.16 or 1.38.17...


We tried doing that too. But again that note has only one correction instruction which is relevant for UI_700 and we don't have that component on Gateway. We have the SAP_UI component and the note says that it is indeed relevant for SAP_UI but then there is no correction attached to the note for that. Also, I believe note 2408117 is relevant if you want 1.38.16 and note 2419945 is relevant for 1.38.17. As per the main note for these versions, these notes are supposed to be applied after the upgrade.

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Santosh Singh Jan 13, 2017 at 02:59 PM

I can confirm that the upgrade to 1.28.42 resolves this issue.

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Santosh Singh Feb 01, 2017 at 04:04 PM

Update: Not sure why it didn't work yesterday but I can confirm that the note

2408117 does resolve the issue. Another point is that the main note for 1.38.17 is 2419950 which has a step for implementing note 2419945. Even though we were not able to implement the 2419945, we were able to implement 2408117 which is actually a pre-requisite for 2419945.

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