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Sep 30, 2011 at 07:19 AM

Best Recommendation to link Central SLD to LMDB



What is your suggestion to connect central SLD on SAP Netweaver to LMDB on Solution Manager 7.1 ?


I can think of 2 options:

1) Central SLD (NW) > Local SLD (SM7.1) > LMDB

2) Central SLD (NW) > LMDB

Is it necessary to configure a local SLD on solution manager 7.1 and pull data from the central sld (NW) to syn to the LMDB?

Or can we direct syn from central SLD to LMDB?

What are the pro and cons for the 2 options?


During the setup of the solution manager, it is required to choose an option of the SLD Destination

1) Register in existing central SLD

2) Configure a local SLD

I realise both questions are somehow link and can affect my setup.

For instance:

if i decided for (Central SLD (NW) > Local SLD (SM7.1) > LMDB) , i will need to choose Configure a local SLD

If i decided for (Central SLD (NW) > LMDB), i will choose Register in existing central SLD.

So which is better decision? Secondly, SAP recommended to configure a local SLD. Can i configure and not used it if i happened to go for Central SLD (NW) > LMDB? SInce no local SLD is required.

Pls advise. Thanks in advance