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Former Member
Sep 30, 2011 at 07:18 AM

Layout not showing values


Hi Experts

I have created quite a few reports and never had this problem. I dont know if its a coincidense but for some reason, lately when working on or creating layouts, it will be working and viewing perfectly. I will attach the layout into the clients environment with no problems. Then when i make some sort of random change like replacing a field on the layout, saving it and importin git into SAP, it stops showing any values whatsoever. So it will show all the text fields but none of the database fields.

I have tried creating a nerw connection. I have tried verifying the database (verifies perfectly).

Then when i create a new blank report and recreate the report - exact same pc(working directly on the server), same tables, same linking, same fields, etc. it works perfectly for a while.

it seems to lose the fileds when i go into the database expert.

Do you know why the report would simply stop displaying any fields?

sometimes it stops displaying anything if i preview the report within crystal but when i save it in SAP it works. But this time is isnt showing values in SAP nor Crystal.