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Sep 30, 2011 at 05:19 AM

No NOTE can be implemented


Please, I need help on the Note implementation process (SNOTE).

When trying to implement note 1452708, it says "note has invalid correction instructions".

I checked the dependencies, and, subsequently tried to implement the underlying dependencies, on by one, and for all of them (9 or 10 attempts) the error is the same: "note has invalid correction instructions".

Now, my question is: what is missing for this implementation??

The note says it's for package 701-SAPKA70106, and the package of the system is 701-SAPKA70108 (Cross-Application Component).

Is that the reason? If so, does it mean that the more recent package (in the system) already has the correction implemented, and for this we get this error??

Or otherwise, it requires another support package?? In this case, how to find out which package??

Sorry, I'm not very experienced in this, and would appreciate any kind of help.