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Sep 30, 2011 at 04:42 AM

Customer master data automatically using Business partner settings


Hi Expert,

I want to create my customer master data automatically using Business partner settings.

I have done the whole configuration in my server for BP and customer master data updation including master data synchronization. But still system is not creating my customer

Configuration as below.

1. Business partner no. range is created with similar to customer no. range.

2. BP no. range internal from 15000 to 15999, Customer no. range external 15000 to 15999.

3. In BP -> Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges

4. In master data synchronization -

Define Number Assignment for Direction BP to Customer (Assign grouping AR+BP and tick on same number.)

5. Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer :

u2022 I have role cat. - FLCU00 (CVI Customer)- It is customer u2013 based

u2022 Another role category - TR0100 (Main Loan Partner (FS: CML) u2013 It is optional for customer - (Role Control Setting - BPOB_TRD001_DEB_ROLLE)- (Default Settings BPOB_TRD001_VORBEL_DEB)

I have a few queries please help

1. As I read the help sap document if I am creating a BP using optional customer role u2013 TR0100 then Business partner screen will give me an option as indicator to create customer master data but I am not able to get this indicator in my BP u2013 Role TR0100 (main loan partner). One more thing how should I updated my reconciliation account using only role TR0100 or it is mandatory to create BP with role FLCU00 if I want to create a customer master for my BP.

(Help SAP words u201CTo create a new customer/vendor master record for the business partner, choose the Customer: General Data or Vendor: General Data tab page in General Data for the business partner and set the Create Customer or Create Vendor indicator in the FI Customer Assignment or FI Vendor Assignment section. After you have set the indicator, the way in which the system continues processing depends on the business partner grouping selected )

2. I have created my BP as general role first after that assigns the role FLCU00 (customer u2013 based role). But my customer master is not created automatically.

In BP u2013 Customer: general data tab is showing the customer number still it is not created my customer master. If I go to company code data then it is showing customer number field written as u201Cexternalu201D (not customer number). And if i am updating recon account, company code, tick on customer then it is not accepting my data. It is showing changes has been saved but not updating.

Please help is there anything is missing in my configuration or my process flow is wrong or is there anything wrong.


Priya Gupta