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Sep 29, 2011 at 02:47 PM

"Please Wait" Spinning Wheel


Dear Experts,

I am opening a standalone BSP ( it is not MVC) on an event in WEB UI in a PopUP. ( This BSP is a WEbrequest and creates CRM document on Submit).

The BSP has a Submit button and on click on this button, we do several things like partner dertermination, etc on a BADI triggered through BSP. It take a Bit time and I wanted to use the Please Wait Spinning wheel so that the WEB UI of USer is Frozen unless the BSP finishes its Job.

Once BSP finishes its Job, then we autoclose the popup and auto-navigate USER to the new document created via BSP.

Everythig works fine and i dont have any issue as such,

What i want is to enhance the User experience by providing Spinning Wheel.

I tried using THTMLB tag <thtmlb:submitInProgress> on the BSP page after SUBMIT button , but it gives me a DUMP.

Any inputs or Ideas on how the spinning Wheel can be achieved will be greatly appreciated.

Please not that I already know about using Javascript for with Wait but that will be my last option. I want to check if i can achieve it more std. way like SAP is doing by giving please wait spinning wheel with screen frozen.

Thanks & Regards