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Sep 29, 2011 at 10:23 AM

Packing a Shipment with idoc SHPMNT ?


Hi experts,

as I am trying to use message type SHPMNT with basic type SHPMNT05 to update an LE shipment, I have two questions:

-How can I pack the LE shipment? Which qualifier to use, what data to fill? I plan to use always the same packing material and handling unit, I thought, it should be possible. Also, there are segments related to packing (E1EDT37), but even though I fill them with the data I need in packing, the system does not do the packing. How to trigger that? I will put the second question into a second thread to make sure the person how answers gets more points.

Thank you in advance!

Below is my idoc structure (it works to do a shipment completion)

Message Type SHPMNT Basic Type: SHPMNT05

Segment Field Description Sample

E1EDT20 TKNUM Shipment Number 1101933359

E1EDT20 EXTI1 Shipment External reference 1101933359

E1EDT18 QUALF Qualifier CHA3%

E1EDT18 PARAM 3% (Means that all fields that are filled in the idoc shall be changed. others unchanged.

E1EDT10 QUALF To indicate that the sap must do a shipment completion 004

Repeat segment if you need to do other things

E1EDT10 IEDD Shipment completion end date 20110926

E1EDT10 IEDZ Shipment completion end time 101344

E1EDT20 VBELN Delivery number (with leading zeroes 10 digits) 0083127938

E1EDL24 POSNR Item Number (with leading zeroes 6 digits) 000001

E1EDL24 MATNR Material Number (with leading zeroes 18 digits) 000000000000450931

E1EDL24 WERKS Plant 74A7

E1EDL24 LGORT Storage location POLC

E1EDL24 CHARG Batch number LOLO


Petra Just